5 Best Indica For Sleep

Actually, there are many various reasons for the bad sleep. For example, insomnia can be caused by serious diseases, stress, blood pressure, high temperature, etc. But still, there is a cool remedy, which can help treat it.

Indica Strains For Better Sleep

Cannabis consumption is rather popular throughout the world. There are two main types Indica Strains and Sativa Strains. As for the Sativa Strains, they can make you more active and full of energy. And speaking about Indica Strains, they can help you fall asleep or just better your sleep. So, let’s look through the top five best Indica types of cannabis for sleep.

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>#1: CBD Shark Shock<

Among all the types of Indica for sleep, this is the best one. Due to the high level of CBD and right mix with tetrahydrocannabinol, it will easily fight your sleep problems. So, if you suffer from the sleep disorder, you can try this Indica for sleep, and you will relax and easily fall asleep. By the way, it has a sweet, fruits taste.


>#2: Bubba Kush<


The next type of cannabis for sleep is Bubba Kush (a mix of Bubble Gum and Kush). This one is rather strong Indica Strain, with the high level of tetrahydrocannabinol, which will provide you with a good sleep. While smoking Bubba Kush you can fall into the deep relaxation. Moreover, the taste of this Indica Strain is sweetie with lemon Kush extract.

>#3: CBD Critical Mass<

This cannabis for sleep is very good and effective. This type of Indica Strains also comprises a high level of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol. You will relax and easily fall asleep. This medical Strain has a citrus taste and cannabinoid content. So, if you want to get rid of sleep disorder, you must try CBD Critical Mass.

>#4: Vanilla Kush<

This Indica Dominant Strain has a strong concentration of cannabinoid and high level of THC. Speaking about the taste of this type of cannabis for sleep, it has a vanilla flavor. This Indica Strain has the different effect among other indicas. It is the best variant for those who want to forget about all the troubles, clean their minds, and fall into a deep relaxation. Vanilla Kush is a magic mix of cannabinoid and sweet taste. While smoking this Indica Strain, you will feel how the tension is weakening and you will forget about everything, and then will sleep as a newborn.


>#5: Blue Mystic<

Actually, this cannabis for sleep has a luxury taste. It is a mix of herbs and fruits that will make you very high and you will fall asleep. While smoking this Indica Strain you can feel all the components, relax your body, and clean your thoughts. So, if you want to taste this variant, you need to take a comfortable place, where you can relax and forget about everything.


To sum up, there are various types of cannabis for sleep. Everyone can choose the most suitable strain by taste, flavor, and concentration of CBD and THC. In any way, now you know at least five best Indica for sleep. So, choose and try!

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