HEALTH TIPS: Ladies Delay in seeing your perd, do this things

Waiting for perds can be exhausting, especially if you had unprotected s… or you are prone to delayed menses. There are times when you want to get them done with because you are scared of being preg…nt or you have a big outing to look forward to.

Need your p erd to come on time? Below are some home remdies for delayed per…ds that have stood the test of time.

“Traditional remedy calls for chopping onions finely, mixing them with water, taking a quick swing and then playing the waiting game; drink a glass or two every day till you get your per..ds”.

“Papaya, a notorious abortifacient, can also work quite well for expediting your per ds; eat an entire fruit every day for best results”.

“Try including a few dates in your diet every day on the days preceding your per..ds; it is a tried-and-tested method by research as a remedy for delayed peri!ods”.

“Although you don’t really need an occasion to eat pineapple, this delectable fruit is great for hastening your periods”.

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