“I am getting married this year”- Diamond Platnumz reveals

Like he had promised his mama to hold a massive wedding before the year end Tanzanian recording artiste Diamond Platnumz says that still stands and it seems like whoever may be in the stands does not matter.

As long as it is a woman. The sensational Valentine’s day chuck by his former sweetheart socialite Zari was it was thought would take him aback and back but alas he strides on.

In a recent interview with Tanzania’s Times FM Diamond reaffirms that he will hold a wedding before year end. Cannot tell if it is meant to taunt his ex Zari but that’s what he says.

“The promise I made to my mom wasn’t a joke. I am marrying someone this year.” The unidentified “someone” has left many wondering if she already exists or if the search is still on.

If she already is in her place then she was there before Zari left but if she isn’t yet still a year is a short time to find and marry someone. Good luck Diamond.

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