I’ve been with Janet for close to 50 but I’ve never beaten her – President Museveni

” I’ve been with Janet for close to 50 years but I’ve never even pushed her, when we have our fights, i just leave her in peace and go somewhere else. Men stop beating women, we even stopped cattle keepers from hitting cows, what then makes you beat a woman?

When you see a man beating a woman, know that he’s stupid and he’s a coward because if you want to fight, look for a fellow man.” H. E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made the remarks while presiding over the International Women’s Day celebrations at Busubizi Primary Teachers College Grounds in Mityana District.

Speaking earlier, Janet said the women of Uganda; mothers and daughters, sisters and aunts, employers and employees, are the engine, the heart and backbone of society. “President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and I stand with you. We celebrate you. We wish you a happy Women’s Day,” she said.

Museveni noted that women say they don’t report the men because they are dependent on the man.

“Women, get your own property so that you can stop depending on men for everything. If your husband disturbs/beats you, park your things and go.”

He said girls should not go into marriage because of legalized prostitution, they shouldn’t be swayed by wealth, it should be because of love.

“When you see a man beating a woman, know that he is stupid and he is a coward because if you want to fight, look for a fellow man. Me I don’t count you as a man.”

He added: “In my house, my girls can inherit the way Muhozi Kainerugaba inherits, I can leave him power to govern the home so that they don’t disturb him but they also have to inherit.”

He said in the home system, men had monopolized power over property and wealth, “we started with the matrimonial home, we said the husband shouldn’t sell the matrimonial home without the consent of the woman, that’s already in the law”.

He added: “At one time the girls weren’t performing so well in school. If you sit for A level and you score whatever you’ve scored, we add you 1.5 % so that you’re able to enter university. As I speak today, it seems the boys will be the ones needing the 1.5%”

In her turn, the Minister of State for Gender, Labour and Social Development Mutuuzo Peace Regis said empowerment of rural women and girls means availing them with avenues for making strategic life decisions in social, economic and political settings.

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