Producer Renix’s hospital bills straining higher after his admission in India

Prominent music producer Unegiu Michael aka producer ‘Renix’s hospital bills continue straining day after day ever since he was flown to India for an advanced treatment.

Apparently, Renix is battling with Liver and Acute pancreas illness which require a lump sums of about Shs. 40 Million for an operation.

Family and friends to the producer have raised an alarm to the general public in the country especially city tycoons to contribute towards footing his over whelming medical bill which family have failed yet the he is need of an immediate operation to save his life.

Renix is one of the most gifted legendary producers the country has ever had as he is remembered to have worked as singer Bebe Cool’s official music producer with songs such as; Kasepiki, Cease and Seakle, Rema Namakula’s Fire Tonight, among others.

For any financial contribution towards producer Renix’s treatment, please call 0701045062 / 0775671840.

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