News flying in indicate that Drama unfolded outside one of the ladies hostels in K.U during the weekend, after word went round like a burnig bush, that two intense lovers had got stuck into each other during an amorous congress, and had been rushed to the health unit hospital for a “separation of powers” of witchcrafty.


The shocking news attracted a huge crowd of students and villagers from K.M market who created a lot of traffic outside the health unit/ hospital to witness the off-the-wall incident. So riotous were the youthful crowd that the management of the hospital had to call the police from Ruiru Police Station, who lobbed teargas canisters to disperse the curious onlookers.

When media team crew visited the hospital, later on to file this report, the gate was locked and the hospital security and administration declined to speak to the press over the matter, terming it as “sensitive”. According to multiple sources, the unfortunate man who found his crucial toolbox clamped is an employee of a sugar production company working on a major highway.

In the morning of the fateful day, the two lovebirds that one live in inside the campus/ hostel and the other in K.M rental houses town, allegedly got “locked” as they attempted to have quick early morning act of the rod commonly referred to as ‘morning glory’.

At the steamy love heights, the couple realized they had been clamped together and began groaning and writhing in pain, as their screams attracted neighbors who came to help,” said a source at the estate. He added that the driver of a Pro-box rushed to the scene and ferried the two to the hospital. However, the hospital administration sent them away, claiming they didn’t have capacity to separate the two. The Good Samaritans who had rushed them to the hospital were forced to rush them to an undisclosed location.

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